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Alkaline Water Machine
Revolutionary & portable alkaline water machine that filters, purifies, alkalizes, mineralizes, ionizes and creates micro-clustered water with high oxidant properties at a price anyone can afford.
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LXBE NOURISH Hand Cream - 4 oz
This lightly scented, non greasy, quick absorbing hand cream provides the ultimate level of hydration and nourishment.
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Ionic Silver NEW
The Ultimate Antiobiotic - Every Medicine Cabinet Must Have! Key Benefits May Include: Stronger Immune System, Decreased Bacterial Infections & Decreased Viral Infections
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Clean Linen Soy Candle
$14.95  $12.95
Green Extreme Vegan Protein Shake Mix - Vanilla Flavor
It's an excellent source of protein and helps support a healthy diet. Tastes Great!
$54.95  $47.95
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LXBE EXFOLIATE Facial Polish - 4oz
A gentle facial polish for a mild deep cleanse to smooth skin without leaving it dry.
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Skin La-La Body Butter (1/2 Case, Qty 6)
Rich and luxurious moisturizing treatment for your entire body. Contains the perfect blend of moisture enhancing nutrients and healing agents to replenish and repair dry damaged skin.
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Skin La-La Derma Vida 30 Ct/1oz ea.
Helps support healthy skin, increase energy, remove toxins and enhance the function of your skin.
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Dream Health System
Dream Health System "Special"
In Stock!
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