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Featured Items
Dental Whitening System  NEW
In Stock!
Ionic Silver NEW
The Ultimate Antiobiotic - Every Medicine Cabinet Must Have! Key Benefits May Include: Stronger Immune System, Decreased Bacterial Infections & Decreased Viral Infections
In Stock!
Alkaline Water Machine
Revolutionary & portable alkaline water machine that filters, purifies, alkalizes, mineralizes, ionizes and creates micro-clustered water with high oxidant properties at a price anyone can afford.
In Stock!
Best Sellers
Our most popular items!
Total Energy
A unique combination of herbal extracts combined to help boost and revitalize the cells in your body.
$49.95  $39.95
In Stock!
COFFEE SPECIAL "Buy 1 - Get 1 Free"  Ganovia Gourmet Coffee
SPECIAL "Buy one - Get One Free"
$39.90  $19.95
In Stock!
Bikini Body Slim Down Package (Qty   1)
La-La's Best Weight Loss Combination Cleanse - Helps detox and purify your system for optimum health & Thermo - Designed to help decrease your appetite.
$89.95  $64.95
In Stock!
Skin La-La Smooth
FEATURE OF THE MONTH Buy one Get One Free.... The Science of Smoothâ„¢ - Uses simple science to deliver amazing results. You will be amazed
$59.95  $47.95
In Stock!
Amish Origins Deep Penetrating Liquid Spray - 3.5 oz.
Deep Penetrating Liquid is made from the same formula as our salves but in a liquid form. This 3.5 oz. spray makes it easier to hit those hard to reach areas.
In Stock!
Skin La-La Daily Cleanser
A deep pore cleanser that leaves the skin feeling fresh, nourished and clean.
$24.95  $17.95
In Stock!
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